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Dementia Village

A radical new way to treat dementia patients has come to Australia. Instead of nursing homes, sufferers get to live in what’s designed to look like any other town. They can live almost normal lives, but they’re safe and happy, and their families are thrilled.

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World first residential microtown for those with dementia

Paul Heckler was just 52 in 2013 when he began to experience the symptoms that would change his life forever. “Paul hadn’t been working for some time and was complaining about trouble seeing,” Astrid, Paul’s wife, told A Current Affair. He underwent a myriad of tests to try to figure out just what was wrong,…

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Nurses play a crucial role in the early identification of delirium

Nurses play a crucial role in the early identification of delirium in people of all ages, with research suggesting that increased delirium education and understanding can improve awareness of the condition, and potentially improve the management of people who have delirium. Registered Nurse Dr Judy McCrow, Professional Services Leader at NewDirection Care, whose PhD investigated…

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Aged Care Pioneer

After more than two decades in Aged Care, Natasha Chadwick believed Australia’s aged care model needed an innovative makeover and a people first approach. A year ago, she opened the doors to NewDirection Care, the world’s first diagnosis-inclusive Microtown for Australian seniors with complex care needs including those with dementia and younger onset dementia.

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The Freedom of Home

Natasha Chadwick and Alasdair A MacDonald report on a new, award-winning inclusive model of residential aged care that doesn’t segregate people by physical or cognitive diagnosis. Instead, residents with a range of care needs, including advanced dementia, and with similar values and lifestyle preferences, share a home together.

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