The Difference

Unlike traditional institutional nursing homes, there are no laundries, common areas or a large central kitchen serving generic, canteen food. Neither are there nursing assistants or personal carers responsible for showering, toileting and feeding. Instead, we provide 17 domestic-style homes furnished in six different styles that feature ensuite bedrooms, a shared kitchen, laundry, sitting rooms, and front and back yard. Each one accommodates seven residents.

Innovative Model

NewDirection Care at Bellmere resembles a typical Australian suburban community with 17 houses located on six streets across two hectares. Just like any suburb, it has a town centre with a range of shops and services; cinema, corner shop, café, beauty salon, GP & dentist and a wellness centre. They’re for use by residents, team members, families and the wider community. This innovative aged care model provides an inclusive dementia-friendly community where our 120 residents can live a full and active life as much as their condition allows and “where the freedom of home follows you”.

Individual Focus

Our focus is on the individual, recognising that each resident has unique needs, values, interests and aspirations. In their houses, they're encouraged and supported to help with cooking and other household chores. With our model of care residents are more involved in their daily routine and decision making and aren’t segregated based on cognitive diagnosis. This non-clinical environment and integration into the community gives those living with dementia the right prompts to experience a normal life. Freedom of movement and access to outdoor spaces and the wider community provides opportunities for residents to socially interact. Boredom has no place at Bellmere.