HOUSE COMPANION™ Support Workers


Multi-skilled House Companion™ Support Workers

We have developed a role that you will find nowhere else in the aged care industry, our multi-skilled House Companion™ Support Workers. There is a minimum of one House Companion™ Support Worker in each house who forms part of the "family" unit and helps out with daily activities as needed, such as cleaning, cooking, personal care and medication. They wear everyday clothes not uniforms and operate around residents, giving them the freedom and autonomy they wouldn't have in an institutional environment. In addition to the House Companion™  Support Worker located in the house, we have House Companion™Liaison Nurses that provide additional assistance throughout the day.


House Companion™ Support Workers are recruited through a rigorous assessment process and undergo a five-week induction programme that includes dementia care, first aid, medication administration, cooking, nutrition, food safety, personal care, cleaning, diary management and manual handling.

At NewDirection Care at Bellmere, there are no shower lists or regimented wake-up and meal times. Instead, House Companion™ Support Worker help each resident determine their day-to-day patterns, menus, activities and outings. Our residents can get up in the morning when they want, eat when and what they want based on nutritionally balanced choices, receive guests and visit friends in the other houses just as they've done throughout their lives.