Margaret Robinson: Why End of Life Care is Personal

By Robyn Foyster | May 28, 2022

As we celebrate National Palliative Care Week, few are more committed than Margaret Robinson to the right of every Australian to expect excellence in end-of-life care. Margaret is the Customer…

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Laura Wykman On Why Caring For Others Has Fulfilled Her Dreams

By Michael Sheather | Apr 21, 2022

After raising her two children, Laura Wykman took on a new journey in her life to be a House Companion™ Support Worker at NewDirection Care, Bellmere, where she cares for…

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NDC’s Kerri Barbeler On Why Making A Positive Difference Matters

By Michael Sheather | Mar 8, 2022

Kerri Barbeler, Lifestyle and Events Manager at NewDirection Care Bellmere, knows precisely what it is like to be a patient relying on others for care and treatment. Kerri spent years…

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Unsung Heroes: Grace Cowen Has “Spent Her Life Living From The Heart”

By Michael Sheather | Feb 17, 2022

When Australians think of celebrating a person’s contribution to the community, we often think of people establishing charities, leading public campaigns to right wrongs and saving lives in busy emergency…

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Unsung Heroes: The gentleman of the Wool Trade

By Michael Sheather | Dec 21, 2021

Jim McDonald loves a neatly clipped lawn. He took such care with his own lawn at the family home in Melbourne’s Ringwood that complete strangers would knock on the door…

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