At Bellmere we help our residents to enjoy a good life by offering an entirely different kind of residential aged care. Instead of building large non-descript institutional buildings filled with dozens of patients we have created a microtown of 17 domestic-style homes that each house seven residents who live together.

Why We Are Different

With the right support and environment, the elderly and those living with younger onset dementia and complex care needs can feel confident and achieve fulfillment and happiness. Residents have House Companions™ who are not just trained to provide the care each resident needs but also to perform many other functions such as creating menus based on what residents want to eat, cooking, doing laundry, medication administration, personal hygiene and budgeting for the household. The House Companions™ don't wear uniforms, they wear casual clothes and form strong relationship-based connections with residents and their families.

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Our Model of Care

Our model of care is distinctive. We are the world's first microtown™ that provides freedom of movement, independence and choice for the elderly and those living with younger onset dementia and complex care needs. Instead of receiving care on a ward they cannot leave, our residents live in seven-bedroom homes with six other residents and have House Companions™ who provide relationship-based support and care. Bellmere provides a homely environment that allows for meaningful social connections, creating a real community.

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House Companions

Our House Companions™ provide a unique 24/7 role and are another world first in residential aged care. They’re recruited through a detailed assessment process based on our values of “individuality, community, relationships, respect and empathy” and undergo intensive multi-skilled training and a 5-week induction program. This covers dementia care, medication administration, manual handling, first aid, personal care, nutrition, cooking, cleaning, laundry, food safety and customer service. Training is ongoing to ensure our residents always receive superlative care.

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Inclusive Community

Our Bellmere community consists of 17 houses where up to seven residents live well in domestic-style homes. They are assisted as needed by House Companions™ in daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, personal care and medication administration. The microtown™ is also staffed by a Professional Services Team that includes, registered nurses, dementia support specialists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. Residents also have access to a corner store, hair and beauty salon, barber, fitness centre, café, cinema, men’s shed, dental clinic and GP office, all of which are onsite.

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