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At NewDirection Care, we redefine the standard of care, pioneering a transformative model that set us apart in the industry.

At NewDirection Care, we redefine the standard of care, pioneering a transformative model that set us apart in the industry. Our innovative MICRO TOWN® community is dedicated to empowering older Australians, individuals with complex care needs, and those living with dementia by offering unparalleled independence and choice. This is a community Where The Freedom Of Home Follows You®.

We break away from the conventional facility model, proving that aged care can transcend traditional expectations. At NewDirection Care, our focus is on enriching the lives of residents through a unique and holistic approach to care and services.

Our groundbreaking MICRO TOWN® community is the first of its kind in the world, featuring 17 homes that accommodate only seven residents each. These intimate settings are complemented by award-winning amenities that are accessible to the broader local community, creating an inclusive and vibrant environment.

At NDC, residents enjoy as normal a life as possible® living in a genuine home, nestled within a familiar suburb, and engaging with the local community. Experience the NewDirection Care difference—where transformative care meets a normal and fulfilling life.


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Who We Care For

Residential Aged Care

Our MICRO TOWN® community redefines residential aged care by offering a vibrant, retirement community atmosphere within an aged care setting. Here, residents live in a home-like environment alongside likeminded individuals, fostering social interactions, friendships, and meaningful connections.

In our innovative community, residents enjoy the freedom to explore and engage fully with their surroundings. They can visit friends within the MICRO TOWN®, relax in expansive green spaces and gardens, and access a wide range of amenities & services including a café, salon, and corner store. At NDC, we provide so much more than care—we offer a fulfilling and enriched lifestyle.

Dementia Care

At NewDirection Care, we break away from the constraints of traditional care facilities. Residents live in an environment that promotes independence while providing the appropriate level of support they need.

In the MICRO TOWN®, individuals living with dementia are not isolated in specialized units. As their condition progresses, they remain in their chosen home with full access to the familiar community they cherish. This approach eliminates the need for disruptive relocations and maintains continuity of care and community.

Residents at NewDirection Care thrive in a setting that encourages social interaction and connection with others. Our entire team, from House Companion™ support workers to administrative personnel, are highly trained in dementia care, ensuring comprehensive support for everyone who lives in the community.

NewDirection Care offers a seamless transition for you and your loved ones, with a design that mirrors a typical home environment rather than an institutional setting. Our intentional and purposeful designs create an easier and more comforting place to live, fostering a true sense of belonging and security.

Respite Care

Our respite care service offers carers and individuals the opportunity to take a well-deserved break, whether for a day, several days, or even weeks. At NewDirection Care, we provide flexible respite care options tailored to your needs, ensuring support when you need it most.

During your stay, you'll experience life in a home-like environment, enjoying all the comforts and freedoms of home. Additionally, you'll have access to the full range of amenities and benefits offered by our innovative MICRO TOWN® community. At NewDirection Care, we ensure that respite care feels like a seamless extension of your everyday life.

Disability Care

At NewDirection Care, we deliver disability care within our renowned MICRO TOWN® community. As a NDIS-accredited provider, we welcome individuals with NDIS packages, aged care packages (ACAT), or both.

Our on-site NDIS team supports participants living in our MICRO TOWN® as well as those from the wider local area. Our inclusive approach fosters natural and meaningful relationships for participants with disabilities, all within a thoughtfully designed  disability and dementia friendly environment. At NewDirection Care, we ensure everyone experiences the freedom and comfort of home.

Health Services

Our Health & Wellness Hub provides a comprehensive range of integrated health services designed to enhance the wellbeing of residents, the wider local community, and NDIS participants. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a gym, hydrotherapy spa, dental services, GP, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and more—everything you need in one place.

Residents of the MICRO TOWN® can access these amenities just as they did before coming to NewDirection Care, through walk-in appointments, scheduled sessions, or house calls. At NDC, we ensure that top-tier health and wellness services are always within reach.

About Bellmere

The design, amenities, and services at our MICRO TOWN® create a holistic and enriching experience for all Australians, whether they be aged care residents, NDIS participants, or guests from the local community. Our approach ensures well-being – no matter who you are – fostering a sense of comfort, security, and home in everyday life.

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You won’t find another aged care community like our MICRO TOWN®.

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