Six Invaluable Lessons: What 20 Years in Aged Care Taught Me About Being an Entrepreneur

By Natasha Chadwick | Feb 27, 2019

Being an entrepreneur is an experience like no other. Simply put, it is not easy and not for the fainthearted. Often, when I hear people talk about starting a business,…

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What being an aged care pioneer taught me about the joys of growing older

By Natasha Chadwick | Nov 23, 2018

When they imagine getting older most young and middle-aged people do so with dread and apprehension.  Growing old is synonymous with disease, decay, aches, pains and loneliness.  Certainly, there are…

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Is it OK to segregate someone because they are living with dementia?

By Natasha Chadwick | Nov 13, 2018

All talk, no action! I don’t know about you, but 2018 seems to be an annus horribilis for Residential Aged Care (RAC). With the recent announcement of a Royal Commission…

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Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Laugh to Cope with Alzheimer’s

By Administrator | Apr 12, 2018

Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, launched their not-for-profit Alzheimer’s foundation, Hilarity for Charity, six years ago. The charity was launched to inspire change and raise awareness of…

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NewDirection Care vs. Traditional Aged Care Facilities

By Administrator | Mar 18, 2018

Aged care comes in a variety of forms, whether it’s home care, residential aged care homes or weekly visits from community professionals. However, when we think of aged care, it’s…

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