New Conservative

New Conservatives see the benefit in upholding traditions at a national, social and family level. They appreciate the way things are in society and have a love for experiencing all that society has to offer. One of their pleasures in life comes from spending their hard earned money on the good things in life, like wine, art, and actively enjoy being part of cultural and/or sporting events. While conservatives are not usually understood of as big spenders, or the adventurous type, the new conservative prefers to spend money on experiences rather than possessions. Their lifestyle may include travel, nationally or internationally and are open to seeing other cultures, however they strongly prefer the traditional Australian way of life.

As the Baby Boomers continue to age, this is likely to be a growing cohort of Australians. The New Conservatives are people from wealthier middle ring suburbs, the family heartland of society. They are early adopters of technology and have frequently travelled abroad to places like Bali and other South East Asian countries. They are still connected to social or sporting groups like a soccer club or dance group, but mainly because they like to participate and get involved.


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