Contemporary Collaborator

Contemporary Collaborators are looking at newer values and policies for society and can both see and accept how standards are changing in society. These collaborative thinkers, like to consider their options and explore all the possibilities in life. While they are likely to adopt a progressive mindset, they like the structure and personal benefits of a strong and stable economy and tend to be more of a saver than a spender. This suits their slightly slower paced life compared to some of their more adventurous peers. This slightly reserved cohort wants to pass on most of their wealth to those they love, or to causes they are passionate about but, they might just spend a little bit on themselves along the way.

The Contemporary Collaborator has travelled frequently from their home base in the suburbs, the middle-ring, out from the CBD. Their last trip was a European River Cruise, a nice ‘soft adventure’ that allowed them to take it all in, without interacting all day every day with people, yet gave them a chance to absorb the culture, the ideas and the society. An ideal day could involve travelling from their brand new, contemporary unit, leaving the safety of their unit and going for a bush walk in the mountains.


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