Contemplative Progressor

Contemplative Progressors think deeply about things that matter. They might be thinking through global, national, or even just local issues to understand more about society and how it functions, seeing potential areas for change. While they are quite reserved and passive on a social level, their ideas can seem to others as quite progressive and out there, steering away from the traditional ways of thinking. The freedom of their ideas comes from valuing the important things in life like individuality, education and human rights. Others might see them as idealists, but they are respected for their use of money. Life may not have always been kind but they have found a way to save money where possible along the way and still enjoy life’s pleasures.

Contemplative Progressors have careers in education and passively get involved in politics and society through writing letters to the editor. They are not extreme in their political views, but like to vote sensibly, even if it means swinging from their usual party. They will sign partitions, but not participate in protest marches. They go out but would prefer to stay in and solve Sudoku puzzles.


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