Mother’s Day Celebration at NewDirection Care Spans Two Generations


Mother’s Day Celebration at NewDirection Care Spans Two Generations


Rose, 92, who lives at NewDirection Care (Australia’s first aged care microtown in Bellmere, Queensland) has a special bond with her daughter-in-law Karen, which they will be celebrating on Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Rose’s son Ross met future-wife Karen in the late 1990’s. Since then, Rose & Karen have developed a strong bond over many years due to the care and love they formed over their passion for sports, growing the family farm and their ability to be straight shooters in life.

Thirty years ago, Karen watched her grandmother deteriorate in aged care after experiencing brain injury. She had to make the hard decision to place her own grandmother in aged care and was now concerned that Rose would face the same situation.

In 2006, Rose lost the strength in her legs, and in an effort to avoid residential aged care, Rose built a cottage on Karen and Ross’s farm, where Rose lived happily for 10 years. During this period, Rose & Karen’s relationship blossomed as Karen undertook responsibility for Rose’s day to day activities including showering, meals and companionship.

In 2017, Rose vocally shared her concerns about becoming a burden to her family members and insisted Karen find a local aged care residence for her. Faced with this tough decision, Karen undertook extensive research and ultimately chose NewDirection Care because its aged care model mimicked the sense of living at home.

“Rose is easily a good companion, she will talk to you about anything, she is honest, very giving, trusting and loving,” said Karen.

Along with her husband, Karen has created an innovative business with goat’s cheese and other products.

“I bought my first goat 15 years ago using the milk for our own use, make soap and more. I sell these by-products to mates, to powerhouse markets in New Farm and locally with some big distributors on board.”

“Our niche is goat cheese by making our first TOMMES range which will be the first producer in Queensland to make this,” Karen said.

Rose takes a strong interest in Karen’s farming and business ventures by sharing her knowledge of animals and their health needs.

“Rose supports my ventures with the farm and animals, we worked together to have this set up. She loves sharing her knowledge of animals but not so much the business side,” said Karen.

This will be the first Mother’s Day since Rose moved into NewDirection Care. Her family have booked out the BBQ precinct where they will celebrate with a cup of tea and cream cake.

Karen says that, “Rose doesn’t want a Mother’s Day present but she loves her sweets, cakes and a good get together. As Rose is the queen of the household offering advice to her fellow residents, she always bonds over a cup of tea in the afternoon.”

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